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About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Picture an engaging workshop designed to delve into challenging conversations with both yourself and others, all in a lively atmosphere filled with music, storytelling, and interactive tasks. Welcome to Equity Pulse, where I infuse the pulse of fun into learning how to navigate the intricate landscape of diversity, equity and inclusion. My courses blend the realms of cultural studies and psychology to offer a unique perspective on diversity. To learn more about me, please visit the 'about' section.



The idea behind the workshops


I provide two classes that can either be combined for a comprehensive full day session on diversity, equity and inclusion for your company. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase them separately, with each course lasting two hours, including a break.

Cultural Competence (2 hours)

What is Cultural Competence? It encompasses self-awareness of your cultural beliefs and values, promoting cultural learning. The class leverages storytelling to creatively examine how diversity is culturally discussed, challenging you to move beyond common misconceptions.

Unconscious Bias Training (2 hours)

What is Unconscious Bias Training? This class aims to empower individuals to recognize, confront, and effectively address biases, while also understanding the repercussions of unconscious biases. This class provides practical strategies for bias management. 


Classes are available in both Swedish and English.

For booking inquiries, kindly contact Equity-Pulse at


Insights from Workshop Evaluations: Quotes

"These subjects are important to speak out loud about. Everything that was said is so true. Should actively think about this every day. Would like to have a deeper understanding." - Midwife at Södersjukhuset, Sweden

"Moderate level, good to have opportunities for questions and discussions. Interesting and important topic." - Medical assistant at Södersjukhuset, Sweden 

"I thought it was good to receive tools for effectively managing prejudices." - Midwife at Södersjukhuset, Sweden 

"Creative, goes straight to the heart." - Medical assistant at Södersjukhuset, Sweden 

"Very interesting to reflect on these topics. Provoked thoughts. Good tools." - Midwife at Södersjukhuset, Sweden 

"Easily understandable with concrete examples. Very thought-provoking. Lectures of appropriate length. Nice presentation." - Midwife at Södersjukhuset, Sweden 


"Good information. Nice presentation. Good examples and engagement. Interesting topic."  - Midwife at Södersjukhuset, Sweden 


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