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As a practitioner in Peace and Conflict, I am committed to creating safe environments and platforms for individuals to grow. Early on in my studies, I discovered the transformative power of images and storytelling.


This led me to pursue a Master's degree in Ethnology, a subfield within anthropology that centers on the comparative study of different cultures. For my thesis, I focused on the effectiveness of equality programs in Sweden, and in my work, I discovered critical gaps in these programs that needed to be addressed.


My primary focus within this field is the intersection between representation and identity. I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood in Sweden and became aware of the power of images in shaping my understanding of the world. My exposure to a more diverse group of friends led me to question these images and to travel and read extensively to gain a better understanding of different cultures and social systems.


I am deeply passionate about the West African Fashion Industry. I had the privilege of working at Glitz Africa, a fashion magazine based in Ghana, where I served as a Coordinator for their annual Fashion Week. If you're curious about my passion for this industry, I invite you to read my article "Organize Madness".


I am currently Director of Strategy for a fashion magazine that emphasizes an Afro-Swedish perspective. Our founder, Andrea Kronlund, aims to create opportunities for creatives within the fashion industry in Sweden.


In addition to my work with the fashion magazine, I worked on DEI initiatives at a children's hospital to create a safe and inclusive environment for all patients. It was enriching to contribute to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all patients, regardless of their backgrounds or identities.

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